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PA SHPO Environmental Review: Continuity of Operations during COVID-19 State Office Closures

UPDATE: Due to public health measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, effective March 30, 2020, we are no longer accepting mailed submissions.

Any previously mailed submissions should be resubmitted through PA-SHARE. Please use the process outlined for sending submissions below.

The PA SHPO will continue to carry out our consultation responsibilities under Section 106 and the State History Code to the maximum extent possible.

Though PA SHPO staff has limited access to our office, we are teleworking and continue to be available to respond to your phone calls and emails. We ask for your patience while we modify the process for submitting projects for Environmental Review.

Using PA-SHARE for ER Submissions:

Beginning February 22, 2021, the PA SHPO will carry out our consultation responsibilities under Section 106 and the State History Code through our online system called PA-SHARE.

To expedite our response, we request that all submissions are made using our online consultation system PA-SHARE:

If you do not have Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) credentials, a PA Keystone Login account will be required for submitting projects and resources to the PA SHPO. You can register for an account at

New Project Submissions:

Use PA-SHARE to submit a new Environmental Review Project using the Submitting a New Environmental Review Project in PA-SHARE tutorial.

The following attachments can be provided to supplement the information entered in PA-SHARE as a single attachment of up to 70 MBs in size:

  • Site plans or maps showing the proposed work.
  • Description/Scope of Work: Narrative description of the project, including any ground disturbance and previous land use, and any potential to impact historic resources.
  • Photographs: Digital photographs of the project site, including images of all buildings and structures keyed to a site plan.

Existing Project Submissions:

To submit additional information on an existing project, email the following information to

  • Project Name
  • Project Number in PA-SHARE and/or Legacy Number (former SHPO ER Number)
  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • An explanation of what you are submitting
  • Attachment up to 70 MBs in size

Mailed Submissions:

As of March 30, 2020, we are no longer able to accept mailed submissions. We encourage you to use the process for using PA-SHARE for submissions as outlined above.

Status Checks:

To check on the status of a submittal, please Search on the Project ID Number in PA-SHARE.

Site Visits:

Unfortunately, SHPO staff is unable to make site visits or attend meetings in person.  Please inquire about the possibility to coordinate virtual site visits and consultations via conference call or Skype.


  1. Melody Bernard

    The Chippewa Cree Tribe/iResponse, LLC has a data base that is user friendly, and has the capability due to it being cloud based to add as many users as necessary. This would benefit your company greatly during this time for you can send messages back and forth, upload documents onto the data base, and print such whenever you need them. They are stored for years or until you discard them. You can also invoice, and respond from anywhere in the US and Canada as long as you have a phone, laptop, or desktop. Please visit and let us know if you are interested in utilizing our data base for a fee of course, which already has access to over 300 client based industries, private, federal, and state.

  2. Beverlee Barnes

    Just checking that our Delaware County Programmatic Agreement that will not need updating until December 31, 2026 will remain valid. Recent news about a DCED Programmatic agreement being no longer valid has caused us to ask about other Programmatic Agreement statuses. Any thoughts?

    • Shelby Weaver Splain

      Hi Beverlee. This change only applies to the small (non-entitlement) communities to which DCED passes HUD funding. This change in no way affects the agreement we have with Delaware County or agreements for HUD sponsored projects that we hold with the other entitlement communities.

  3. James Sanchez

    Project: 342 & 344 West Orange Street, Lancaster City Lancaster County PA – Subdividing existing row house lots into 4 lots with 2 lots fronting on West Grant Street. No new construction proposed . Requires a sewage planning module for service to two of the lots on West Grant Street.

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