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November 15, 2017
by Guest Contributor

Hazard Mitigation in a Historic Context: Update on Historic At-Risk Properties Initiative

Historic resources inform citizens of their unique local heritage, cultural identity, and the origins of their community.  They are the corner stones of our built environment and they provide a “sense of place”. In the aftermath of a disaster, these buildings, structures, objects, and sites are often associated with the very memories and connections that a community needs to begin to rebuild. Continue Reading →

November 1, 2017
by Guest Contributor

Preservation PA Calls for “Pennsylvania At Risk” Nominations!

Is there a local landmark you’ve got your eye on, wondering how much longer it will last without someone doing something? Well, now you can be the someone who can help change the fate of the place! The deadline to submit a nomination to the Pennsylvania At Risk list is November 13, 2017. Continue Reading →

October 25, 2017
by Guest Contributor

How Humanities-Based Community Development Can Foster a More Democratic Future

What role can the humanities play in community development– and how can they foster a more democratic future for small towns and cities across America? Continue Reading →

October 18, 2017
by Guest Contributor

Shipwrecks? In Pennsylvania? PASST tells us all about them

It had been blowing hard from the east and the red sky on the July morning of 2013 did not concern Presque Isle lifeguard Darren Reading as he headed out for a group swim off the shore of the beach. Continue Reading →

October 11, 2017
by Karen Arnold

The Keystone Grant and the Mystery of the Missing Piazza

Ever wonder just how much scholarship of construction chronology is behind your visit to a historic property in Pennsylvania?  Or how that research is funded?  Woodford is one of Fairmount Park’s most carefully documented and researched buildings because of its architectural significance and as its interpretive use as a historic house museum.  Recorded in the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) in 1932 and listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1963, the building was studied and theorized by architectural historians for decades.  The Naomi Wood Trust at Woodford Mansion turned to the PA SHPO’s Keystone Historic Preservation Grant program for financial help to plan the historic restoration of Woodford’s 1772 piazza on the west elevation of the 2-story main house. In addition to sifting through all of those relevant published sources and past theories, an archaeological investigation would be the foundation to restore this missing element. Continue Reading →

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October 2, 2017
by Cory Kegerise

Certified Local Government Reboot – Public Comments Welcome

The Certified Local Government (CLG) Program has been part of the national preservation toolbox since the early 1980s.  Like other programs established by the National Historic Preservation Act, the CLG program is administered by each State Historic Preservation Office based on state-specific guidelines approved by the National Park Service.  Pennsylvania’s CLG guidelines procedures were last updated in 2009, but haven’t changed substantially since the program started almost 30 years ago.  That’s all about to change!  The PA SHPO has recently released a draft of proposed changes to the CLG program and will be accepting comments from the public until December 4, 2017. Continue Reading →

September 27, 2017
by Hannah Harvey

Archaeology Month: Celebrating Recordation, New Insights, and Preservation

Fall is always an exciting time of year for archaeologists across the state as we gear up to celebrate Pennsylvania Archaeology Month each October!  I know it’s a bit early, but I didn’t want anyone to be caught off-guard come October 1st. Continue Reading →

September 20, 2017
by Guest Contributor
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Listening to the Public: Results of the Marketing Archaeology Survey

In the previous Marketing Archaeology blog post, we introduced you to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP)-eligible Armstrong Site and the associated current Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) road reconstruction and widening project . Continue Reading →