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Digging into the PASS Year: The 2022 Annual PASS Report

Earlier this year, PA SHPO issued its PA Archaeological Site Survey (PASS) report  for 2022.  Definitely add the PASS report to your “must read” list because it is chock full of interesting information about archaeology in Pennsylvania.

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Special Announcement! PA SHPO is Hiring a National Register Reviewer

Are you a highly skilled historic preservationist with National Register and GIS experience? The Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) is seeking an Historic Preservation Specialist to work as a National Register reviewer and triage specialist, focused on historic districts and survey.

APPLY BY 12/10/2022 11:59 PM EST. All applications must be filed online at

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Community Archaeology at Midland Cemetery

Last fall the State Museum of Pennsylvania hosted their annual workshop in archaeology entitled Hidden Stories: Uncovering African American History through Archaeology and Community Engagement. The theme was born out of the acknowledgement that African Americans are vastly underrepresented in the historic record and the representations that are present are typically unfairly biased.

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See a cool building? Tell us about it with PA-SHARE!

Good morning fellow Pennsylvanians, regular visitors, and honored guests! In your travels throughout our beautiful Commonwealth, have you stumbled across a building so magnificent you had no alternative but to document it thoroughly? Did your engine die while driving past a spooky and ominously quiet old cemetery and the only way to pass the time waiting for a tow truck was to photograph the unsettling landscape? Have you been searching for someone to share your discoveries with? Then let me introduce you to the Inventory Form!

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