PA-SHARE is scheduled to be released to external users later this month! In preparation, our weekly posts will begin to cover some basic, what-you-need-to-know information.

Today’s post will cover some important key terms that will be helpful to understand when using PA-SHARE.

Key Terms

Consider post your go-to cheat sheet for an explanation of key terms and how they are used in PA-SHARE.  We’ll be using these terms often in this post and others as well as in our help training and training materials.

Database: A database is an organized collection of data (meaning a piece of information) that is stored and accessed electronically.

Geospatial: Data associated with a particular and specific geographic location.

Map with colorful lines and dots.
Geospatial data in PA-SHARE.

Program Areas: In PA-SHARE, PA SHPO’s program areas are closely tied to both Projects and Wizards.  They are traditional and non-traditional ones like:

  • Environmental Review
  • Determination of Eligibility (DoE) Request
  • National Register Nomination
  • Marker Nomination
  • Federal and State Historic Tax Credits
  • Success Stories
  • Inventory Form
  • Independent Survey and Survey Proposals
  • Local Historic Districts

Project: A Project is created when PA SHPO accepts a Submission through PA-SHARE.  Projects are related to PA SHPO program areas and require PA SHPO review and processing because they involve Resources.

Queue:  Tables (essentially grids) that organize information for processing and review.

Record:  Related data associated with a Project or Resource organized and formatted for storage and retrieval.

Resource: A Resource is a building, site, structure, object, district or landscape.  A Resource can be above-ground or below-ground (archaeological). A resource can be listed in the National Register, eligible, not eligible, or unevaluated for listing.

Photograph of two-story brick Second Empire house with mansard roof and central tower.
This Second Empire house on Water Street in Loch Haven, Clinton County is a Resource in PA-SHARE.

Review:  A Review is action taken by a SHPO Reviewer to provide guidance, approval, processing, etc. of a Project.

Reviewer:  A Reviewer is the PA SHPO staff person assigned to review a Project.

Submission:  A Submission is information sent to the PA SHPO through a Wizard for review in one or more of the PA SHPO program areas.  Submissions can be “Initial,” meaning the first time information is sent to create a Project, or “Subsequent,” meaning additional information is being provided for an existing Project.

Submitter: The person making a Submission to the PA SHPO through PA-SHARE.

Triage: Triage is the “holding tank” for information submitted through PA-SHARE about Projects and Resources.  PA SHPO staff responsible for Triage review all Submissions and direct them to the appropriate Reviewers, review data submitted for Resources and reconcile it with what is already in the database and facilitate some streamlined Environmental Reviews.

Wizard: A Wizard is an interactive online form with a number of required and optional fields that Submitters complete before sending information directly to PA SHPO from PA-SHARE. 

Grid of three columns and four rows with words in each.
The Submit page in PA-SHARE is home to its many wizards.

We’ll be adding to this list as needed over the next few months as we continue to develop the various types of help materials, such as tutorials, videos and more blog posts. You can also watch this introductory video for an overview of what PA-SHARE is and what it will do.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we will explore more PA-SHARE Basics in the countdown to launch.