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Welcome to PA-SHARE!

PA SHPO is excited to announce the launch of PA-SHARE!

PA-SHARE is Pennsylvania’s new online GIS and project mangement system for working with cultural resources in the Keystone State.

You can access PA-SHARE at

Take some time this week to sign in for the first time, explore its different features, and get to know this new tool.

Signing In

If you have your Keystone login (or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania credentials) already, you will click “Sign In”.

If you don’t, you can register for your Keystone Login by clicking “Register for an Account.”

Once you accept the disclaimer, a window will open titled “Sign in to PA-SHARE with”.

Click the blue “PA-SHARE” button in the “Enterprise login” box. If you do see the blue “PA-SHARE” button, click in the “Enterprise login” box to open it.

Another window titled “Sign in with one of these accounts” will appear on your screen.

  • If you have a Keystone Login, click “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Citizen Login”.
  • If you have CWOPA credentials, click “CWOPA Users Click Here”.

Enter your Username and Password and click “Sign in”.

You have successfully signed in as a registered user with Keystone Login when you see the “Welcome to PA-SHARE” screen.


Subscriptions for Pro and Business level accounts are now available for purchase.

To subscribe, go to your “User Profile” and click “Subscribe to PA-SHARE”. To review subscription levels and benefits, visit—Subscriptions.aspx.

Learning Tools

We have developed a PA-SHARE FAQ and a few step-by-step tutorials to help guide users as they learn how to use this new system. We will continue to update and develop these help materials throughout the next several weeks.

You can always ask us questions and look for some assistance by sending us an email at We will do our best to answer your email quickly so that you can continue with your work.

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  1. Christine C Woodard

    I am a new user of the PA-SHARE system and have a question about saving and returning to the input page. I have received a token for my new project, and saved my input screen multiple times, but I have not found a way to use the token to return to the input page to finish filling it out.

    Once I redid the page from scratch, I did complete it, but it wouldn’t submit because it said that I did not enter any resources. There is one historical barn on the project site, but not anywhere near the project activities. Is there another way to handle this situation?

    Your help would be appreciated.

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