There is an immediate opening for the following position with the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC):

Historic Preservation Specialist

This limited-term position will assist State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) staff in the implementation of the annual SHPO/Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Transportation)/Federal Highways work plan, which outlines tasks to be undertaken by the SHPO to assist Transportation in the implementation of relevant agreements including the Federal Aide Programmatic Agreement (Programmatic Agreement). Please Note: This is a limited-term position, expected to expire on or before June 30, 2019.

The incumbent:

Provides copies of documentation in the files of the SHPO to Transportation cultural resources professional staff as requested. Assists in the management of historic resources in Transportation right-of-way or control and historic resources affected by Transportation activities including: Assisting in the development of improved eligibility guidance, thematic contexts, and resource plans. Assisting in updates to statewide historic bridge survey including data analysis to determine bridge population loss, revaluation of remaining bridge population, and updates to the Cultural Resources Geographic Information System (CRGIS). Assisting in bridge repurposing initiatives including marketing of bridges; development of educational materials; and formation of partnerships for the successful preservation, relocation, and continued use of historic metal truss bridges. Assisting in the development and implementation of the Historic Metal Truss Bridge Management Plan, including the review of relevant documentation, participation in monthly metal truss bridge meetings, and development of procedures for the long term maintenance and/or preservation of metal truss bridges. Assisting in the development of educational tools for the application of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards to historic bridges. Assists in the implementation of best practices to simplify Section 106 reviews including: Providing training to Transportation staff or consultants. Participating in meetings to focus on parts of the Programmatic Agreement and its performance. Participating in revisions to the Cultural Resources Handbook and other guidance documents for the implementation of the Programmatic Agreement. Assists in the integration of historic preservation into Transportation project planning including: Participating in activities that involve linking historic preservation planning and National Environmental Policy Act. Participating in the development of advanced mitigation strategies. Conducts related tasks to improve the Programmatic Agreement and its performance as defined by SHPO and Transportation. Adheres to PHMC general safety rules and the safety rules specific to this position and immediately corrects any safety hazards in the work area and report same to supervisor. Performs related work as required.


This position is filled through a Non-Civil Service process coordinated through the Bureau of State Employment (BSE).  All applications must go through BSE’s employment website at  We cannot accept any applications directly.  Please see below how to apply:

From, click on the Job Opportunities tab under Non-Civil Service. Scroll to the chart and select the position titled “Historic Preservation Specialist”.  If interested, click on “Apply.” If you are not currently registered with NEOGOV, you may create an account and apply for this or any other listed category.  Registration is free.  Returning applicants should enter their current username and password, and follow the steps to create a profile and apply under Historic Preservation Specialist category. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Bureau of State Employment at 717.787.5703.

Applications are due April 14, 2016.

Required Experience:

Two or more years of experience working on an architectural survey, an architectural restoration and preservation project or program, and a bachelor’s degree in architectural history, American history, art history, or course work in Pennsylvania history. OR Any equivalent combination of experience and training. 

Additional Information:

Employment Type: Limited-Term, Full-Time

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Compensation: $45,692-$69,477/annually

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.