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PA SHPO ITQ contract – NOW OPEN for Pre-Qualification


The Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) is happy to announce the opening of a new Preservation Services ITQ contract for future consulting opportunities with the PA SHPO.  We are inviting consultants to pre-qualify and be notified of upcoming bids for the exciting work we do. 

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The purpose of the PA SHPO Preservation Services ITQ is to qualify responsible and responsive Contractors to provide the State Historic Preservation Office with a full range of historic preservation services on an as-needed basis.

In addition, Local Public Procurement Units, as defined by the Commonwealth Procurement Code, may use this contract in accordance with the COSTARS Provision.

Statement of Work

The following is a summary of types of work for which PA SHPO may use the Preservation Services ITQ. Interested contractors should read the complete Statement of Work and the Terms and Conditions.

Contractors interested in becoming an ITQ Contractor must meet the following requirements. Failure to meet the below requirements will result in the application being rejected.

Each Contractor that meets the minimum qualifications will be awarded a contract. Award of a contract to a Contractor is not a guarantee of business.

Professionals shall provide or assemble a team of professionals (SubContractors) to provide Preservation Services. Overall project management shall be executed proactively and professionally to schedule, coordinate, oversee, and manage all aspects of work produced in close conjunction with the PHMC Project Manager and SHPO staff. Professionals qualifying under this category shall also be responsible for the coordination and completion of the subcategories listed below for any awarded projects:

  1. Consulting services related to the integration of historic property considerations into other planning processes and/or the preparation of comprehensive historic preservation plans;
  2. Facilitating public meetings, synthesizing feedback, and generating recommendations;
  3. Preparation of historic property resource documentation and surveys;
  4. Archaeological investigations;
  5. Conducting market analyses for historic property types and geographic regions;
  6. Conducting research and field work to develop historic context statements, Multiple Property Documentation Forms, historic structures reports, and/or National Register nominations;
  7. Historic Preservation Tax Credit consultation;
  8. Local historic preservation program / ordinance administration;
  9. Preparation of municipal ordinances;
  10. Historic property data record management;
  11. Historic property management plans;
  12. Conducting Section 106, 4(f), History Code, and other compliance reviews;
  13. Geographic Information System (GIS) services; and
  14. Additional services as required.
Supplier Information

General Supplier Information is available on the Department of General Services (DGS) website. These documents will help Contractors understand the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s pre-qualification process and how to become an ITQ supplier for PA SHPO.

The pre-qualification process does involve multiple steps and will take some time to complete. The following guidance is listed in recommended order:

Doing Business with the Commonwealth: This guide provides an overview of the commonwealth’s procurement process and the different programs and options for contracting with state agencies.

Registering as a Supplier: This guide walks Contractors through the online process to register as a Procurement Supplier. Please have the following company info ready before beginning the registration process:

  • Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) OR Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your company’s current bank data
  • The complete legal name of your business

How to Pre-Qualify as an ITQ Supplier: These instructions outline the necessary steps to be pre-qualified as an ITQ supplier.

  • Please note that the PA SHPO’s ITQ contract is “State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Preservation Services – PHMC Only”.
  • The commondity code, which will be needed for the pre-qualification, is “93140000-ITQ-236 – PA Historical Museum Commission Preservation Services”

The ITQ Experience Form is available to download as an Excel file from the ITQ Documents and Info page.

Questions and Technical Assistance

Please direct questions about the Preservation Services ITQ to Lisa Burchfield at or 717.705.0557.

For assistance with DGS’ registration and pre-qualification process, call the Bureau of Procurement Help Desk at 877-435-7363.

Author: Shelby Weaver Splain

Shelby Weaver Splain is the Education and Special Initiatives Coordinator for the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office. Shelby is a native of Bucks County and holds a Masters degree in Historic Preservation Planning from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Historic Preservation from Goucher College.


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