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FYI: PA SHPO’s Updated Project Review Form!

The PA SHPO has recently updated its project review form. Please updated any downloaded or bookmarked forms.

You can find the new form on PHMC’s website here:

Updates include:
  • All initial project submissions must be submitted via email to the PA SHPO’s Project Review resource account.  Please continue to follow the process for emailing submissions outlined here:
  • Initial project submissions must include two separate PDFs: one for the Project Review Form and one for the attachments.
  • Applicants should only contact reviewers directly for existing projects after consultation has been initiated and a PA SHPO Environmental Review number assigned.

PA SHPO will return Project Review Forms that are submitted incorrectly or incomplete.

Please note:

This form and the email submission process will remain in place until PA-SHARE comes online early next year.

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  1. Richard E Stefanick

    I have a 0.988 acre totally grassed parcel to develop into a Construction Material Storage and sales project. Cultural Resource Notices are no longer in use. There are no trees, structures or wetlands on the site. What am I required to do?
    Thank You in advance for your consideration.
    Richard E. Stefanick @

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