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PA-SHARE in Your Pocket means Efficiency!

PA-SHARE is an innovative platform designed to streamline project submissions. PA-SHPO’s staff, key stakeholders and digital experts came together to design an online system to unite data sources, streamline systems, reduce unnecessary searching, and speed reviews.

One of the great results? Surveyor, a mobile tool that is like having PA-SHARE in your pocket.

Another great result? Increased efficiency for all of us, which is one of the 4 great reasons to make PA-SHARE part of your plan.

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Telling a Fuller Story about African American History in Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Earlier this month, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) announced a new pilot project with PHMC, PA DCNR, the states of Maryland and Virginia, and National Park Service Chesapeake Bay to identify, document, and map sites and landscapes in the Chesapeake Bay watershed region significant to African American history and culture.

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Digitization Project Update!

In Fall 2017, PA SHPO contracted with JMT to help us complete an ambitious digitization project to turn all of the CD and paper files in the PA SHPO file room into digital documents for greater accessibility and as part of the move to the PA SHARE system. All the files scanned are available on CRGIS; you can get to CRGIS through this link:

Working with PA SHPO staff, JMT contractors spent over two years on this project, which involved a gap analysis, document prep and scanning, and filing for all 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties. This included over 1 million pages of reports and HRSF (Historic Resource Survey Form), and PASS (Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey) files.

Thanks, JMT, for assisting PA SHPO in accomplishing this monumental task!

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