There is always a lot of work going on behind the scenes with PA-SHARE, so we decided that we’ll provide a quarterly update of fixes and enhancements throughout the year.

Here are the fixes and enhancements related to the external user experience since the last update in December 2021:


  • On-screen help text updated and improved in the Historical Markers nomination wizard.
  • For survey projects, automated response emails revised to include the survey name in addition to the survey number.
  • A bug was fixed that caused some users with an expired subscription lose their Pro and/or Basic level access. If users continue to experience this problem and are no longer seeing what you expect to see, please email the Help Desk at
  • A text field has been added in the Significance section on resource screens to add an Ethnic Affiliation. This field can be used for any resource, not just one that is under review for National Register nomination and has “Ethnic” as an Area of Significance. It can be used where the affiliation is worth noting but does not rise to the level of Area of Significance. To add, click “Add A Ethnic Affiliation.” Type in your text and click “Save.”
  • Users can now add multiple email addresses to their user profile. This prevents users from losing access to older projects if their email address changes. To add another email to your PA-SHARE profile, click on the User Profile icon in the upper right corner. Once the window opens, click “Edit.” Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Add A New Email Address.” Type the email, click “Save,” and then click “Save & Close.”

In Surveyor:

  • In Surveyor Manager and Reviewer, fields for county, municipality, resource address and recorder recommendation were added to the grid to make it more helpful to external users and display more informative fields. The “parent survey” field was also removed because it was repetitive and not helpful.
  • Users can now upload shapefiles to the map module in the “Add a New Resource” view in Surveyor Manager.

As a reminder, the Help Materials and FAQ pages on PHMC’s website include step-by-step tutorials, key information, and helpful reminders to navigate PA-SHARE. Many of our training sessions for users were recorded and are available for viewing on a dedicated PA-SHARE YouTube playlist. If you’d like to request PA-SHARE training for your agency or organization, please send us an email at

I will add a quick disclaimer here with my other reminder: what users can see and do with PA-SHARE and Surveyor will largely depend on what type of user they are, as we’ve outlined here.