Prominent landmarks in small towns hold a special type of nostalgic significance for those who have interacted with them.

Accordingly, a place like the Historic Fallon Hotel in Lock Haven – which has served the community as a hotel, restaurant, nightclub, bar, and boarding house over the last 150 years – and which is the downtown gateway to the National Register Listed Water Street Historic District (PA-SHARE Resource # 1973RE00087) and a landmark on the route to the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, lives prominently in the memories of many local residents and university alumni alike.

Main and side facades of 3 stories tall brick building with rows of windows and a flat roof.

The Historic Fallon Hotel (also known as the Fallon House) in February 1973. Photo from the National Register of Historic Places documentation of the listed Water Street Historic District.

The Chisolm family’s renovations of the Fallon, beginning in 2018 and continuing today under C&Q Investment Properties LLC, mean that both the immediate and extended community once again have access to the dining, nightlife, and nostalgia – three powerful drivers of community-centered historic preservation!

See the “Celebrating Preservation Month with the 2023 Community Initiative Award Winners” blog post to read a little more about the Fallon.

Read on to glimpse recollections of the Fallon Hotel from its extended community!

Brick fireplace on wall covered with wood paneling.

The Historic Fallon Hotel’s lobby lounge. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“As college students we probably would have said that we went to the Fallon for the drink specials, but in hindsight the Fallon featured in all of our celebrations, regardless of what was on offer, as another member of the group.” – Jamie, Pittsburgh

Narrow hallway with staircase to right and piano on back wall.

Entrance hall for the nightlife and events venue at the Fallon. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“I had a lot of responsibility as a student and I can’t imagine how I would have coped without a place like the Fallon to connect with people and dance! – Paul, Richmond VA

Framed photograph of two children playing on a black and white diamond pattern floor.

A photo from the lobby display showing the work-in-progress. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“I’ve always liked to look at and visit old buildings, but taking a history class on Pennsylvania’s historic architecture with Dr. Sandow one semester really opened my eyes and made me appreciate getting to visit and enjoy a building like the Fallon Hotel even more.” – Mackenzie, Bangor

Square sign on wall with image of a woman above the words "Queen of Spain Maria Cristina de Borbon 1806-1878, Commissioned Construction of The Fallon House on this site in 1854 after selling the entire state of Florida to the United States. Mark Twain, writer, and P.T. Barnum, Showman, were among many guests of this hotel located in the Lock Haven Water Street Historic District."

A historic marker placed on the exterior of the building by the Stephen Poorman Trust, a entity of the Clinton County Historical Society. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“Experiencing the Fallon was a milestone! When it closed down it felt like a loss to the community. I’m glad it’s back!” – Emily, Bellefonte

Framed photograph of a room with debris on the floor.

A “Before” photo showing the deterioration of the ground floor space. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“The Fallon has so much character; it’s an institution.” – Jourdan, Dubois

Wooden sign with words "Fallon House" above a decorative coat of arms. The words "Hotel Restaurant Since 1854" at the bottom.

Iconic Fallon House sign. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“I have incredible memories of the Fallon and all of Lock Haven, and I love coming back to ‘The Haven’ to visit my favorite places. I’m so excited to bring my son (once he’s born in June)!” – Megan, Johnstown

Tall wooden case with deep slots identified by numbers.

Fallon Hotel’s original key minder, still in use today. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.

“I appreciated that the Fallon brought so many friends together in one place.” Austin, Washington DC

Two couches in front of a brick fireplace inside a large room.

The lobby of the Historic Fallon Hotel. Photo by Elizabeth Shultz, 2024.