We have revised the guidelines to make them easier to use!

Electronic Data Submission is available for all resource types and is required when submitting new resource information for Environmental Review.  Each type has different recording needs.  PA SHPO has developed Electronic Data Submission guidance for most resource types, but maintains a series of forms that should be used for updates and specific resource types outlined below.

All updates to existing resources must be submitted as PDF forms.  Those updates generated by Environmental Review survey must be submitted as attachments to survey reports.

What’s Changed?

All of the requirements and workflows are in a new opening section, “Tips for Successful Submissions,” that links to the detailed instruction sections later in the document.

We have also added a few troubleshooting tips for uploading attachments and some minor revisions that reflect changes that were made to the workflows since the original publication.

One section to note is the “Success with Attachments” found on page 13. Be sure to review the requirements related to document type, file size, and naming!

For more information about electronic data submission, Cultural Resource GIS (CRGIS), and recording resources, please visit our website.