We are happy to announce that PA-SHARE users are now able to purchase a Pro or Business subscription!

How do I purchase a Pro or Business subscription for PA-SHARE?

User can choose their preferred subscription from their User Profile once they have signed in to PA-SHARE.

Sign in to PA-SHARE at https://share.phmc.pa.gov/pashare/landing:

Go to your User Profile in the upper right corner of the Home screen:

Click “Subscribe to PA-SHARE”.

This will redirect you to a new screen to choose your subscription.

For more detailed instructions on subscribing, review the Signing In and Subscribing to PA-SHARE tutorial.

What is included in a Pro or Business subscription?

There are a number of benefits for Pro and Business subscribers:

  • Data Access: In 2019, PA SHPO completed a multi-year project that digitized 1+ million pages of resource and project files held in the PA SHPO’s Harrisburg library. Pro and Business users have full access to these digitized files as well as full attribute tables for resources and projects in PA-SHARE. 
  • Search and Export: Pro and Business accounts can export search results tables to .csv files and spatial search results for mapped resource and survey data as shapefiles.  They also have access to map tools to make searching, creating, and editing maps easier. 
  • Map Layers: All users can view and turn on/off layers for cultural resources and municipal and political boundaries on PA-SHARE’s web maps. Basic accounts have access to the cultural resources layers, municipal and political boundaries layers, plus layers for Pennsylvania soils, physiographic zones, and watersheds.  Pro and Business accounts have access to all of PA-SHARE’s available layers, which in addition to those listed for the Basic account includes layers for various environmental and managerial jurisdictions like national heritage areas.
  • Dashboards: Pro and Business accounts have the advantage of dashboards to help manage their projects in PA-SHARE. 
  • Surveyor: Available only to Pro and Business accounts within the next few months, Surveyor is a form-centric, mobile solution to conduct resource surveys in the field by capturing data on buildings, archaeological sites and districts using hand-held devices. All data is stored in a secure cloud-based environment, with a companion web application that allows users to review, manage and edit the incoming survey data and ultimately submit the resource data to SHPO for inclusion in the PA- SHARE database.

For more information about each type of subscription and the benefits of a paid subscription, visit the PA-SHARE Options & Subscriptions page

What is the different between a Pro and Business account?

A Pro subscription is ideal for preservation or planning professionals, students, small non-profits or municipal governments. A Business subscription is ideal for preservation or planning firms, county, state or federal agencies, non-profits, or large municipal governments.

The only difference between these accounts is the allowed number of registered users.  Pro accounts are limited to one user. Business accounts allow up to five users. Please note that users are prohibited with sharing their PA-SHARE account access with others.

What are the different price points for PA-SHARE subscriptions?

Pro or Business account users have the option to purchase subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis. Pro accounts are $50 per month or $275 per year.  Business accounts are $275 per month or $875 per year.