There is an immediate opening with the PA Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC) for a Historic Preservation Specialist.


This is a limited-term position (lasting less than 1 year) in the Division of Preservation Services. The office location is at Graeme Park in Horsham, Pennsylvania. The division is responsible for the identification, evaluation, and preservation of historic properties through a variety of state and federal programs. The position requires an understanding and critical analysis of cultural resources, methods of historical research, historic resource survey standards, and National Register guidelines, as well as public engagement and education. The position further requires working with a variety of partners including state and local governments, non-profit organizations, and the interested public in order to carry out the responsibilities outlined below.


The incumbent:

  • Provides support to the Bureau for Historic Preservation (BHP) for completing four special projects resulting from mitigation and specific funding agreements.
  • Coordinates and conducts field work and research for the purpose of fulfilling the funding agreements pertaining to these projects.
  • Completes historic resource survey forms related to Philadelphia Public Schools Project, the Contextual Bridge Preservation Task Force Action Plan, and the Small Commercial Historic District Project as needed.
  • Undertakes research to develop historic contexts supporting the National Register evaluation of Philadelphia public schools, historic bridges in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and small commercial historic districts throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Field tests historic context guidance to evaluate the historic significance of Philadelphia public schools, bridges, and commercial historic districts and prepares evaluation comments.
  • Field checks previously-listed National Register schools included in the Philadelphia Public Schools Thematic Resources & Addendum as well as completes documentation for post-1938 – c. 1980 public schools within the Philadelphia School District.
  • Completes photography to the National Park Service standards and prepares mapping and site plans for newly documented historic resources.
  • Compiles survey methodology and researches findings in final reports.
  • Prepares information in a variety of formats to disseminate all findings related to these projects.
  • Provides technical assistance to individuals, organizations, and agencies including the development of printed information and guidelines, development of and participation in workshops, public programs and training sessions, and individual consultations.
  • Assists with the coordination of the bureau’s National Register Evaluation committee as needed in connection with the evaluation of historic resources related to these projects.
  • Assists with the maintenance of the Commonwealth’s historic resource inventory, including the preparation and maintenance of paper and electronic records.
  • Updates related data in the bureau’s Cultural Resources Geographic Information System (CRGIS) as new data is collected.
  • Develops web content to communicate the guidance and tools created by the abovementioned projects.
  • Administers the funding agreements related to four special projects and prepares necessary documentation to comply with terms of those agreements.
  • Coordinates all activities related to four special projects and ensures completion according to established timeframes.
  • Makes recommendations on the significance and integrity of historic resources and on the content of cultural resources studies for review by division chief and other BHP staff.
  • Is responsible for knowing PHMC general safety rules and safety rules specific to this position; for working in a safe manner and following all PHMC safety rules; to immediately report all workplace injuries or incidents to their supervisor; and to immediately correct any safety hazards in the work area or report same to supervisor.


This position is filled through a Non-Civil Service process coordinated through the Bureau of State Employment (BSE).  All applications must go through BSE’s employment website at  We cannot accept any applications directly.  Please see below how to apply:

From, click on the Job Opportunities tab under Non-Civil Service. Scroll to the chart and select the position titled “Historic Preservation Specialist-Montgomery County”.  If interested, click on “Apply.” If you are not currently registered with NEOGOV, you may create an account and apply for this or any other listed category.  Registration is free.  Returning applicants should enter their current username and password, and follow the steps to create a profile and apply under Historic Preservation Specialist-Montgomery County category. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Bureau of State Employment at 717.787.5703.

Applications are due April 28, 2014.

Required Experience:

Two or more years of experience working on an architectural survey, an architectural restoration and preservation project or program, and a bachelor’s degree in architectural history, American history, art history, or course work in Pennsylvania history. OR Any equivalent combination of experience and training.

Additional Information:

Employment Type:  Limited Term, Full-Time

Location:  Horsham, Pennsylvania

Compensation:  $22.90-$34.82/hourly

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.