Blog of the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office

Author: Erin Hammerstedt

Guest contributor Erin Hammerstedt is a Field Representative for Preservation Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people protect and preserve the historic places that matter to them. In that role, she travels around the Commonwealth providing free technical assistance to help people with their preservation projects and challenges. Erin’s prior work as an architectural historian and historic preservation consultant, preparing conditions assessments and preservation maintenance treatment plans, identifying, documenting and evaluating historic properties as part of the compliance review process, and staffing a local Historical and Architectural Review Board have helped to prepare her for the wide variety of projects she assists with in Pennsylvania today.

Preservation Pennsylvania announces Pennsylvania At Risk 2013

Preservation Pennsylvania just released Pennsylvania At Risk 2013, an annual list that provides a representative sampling of the Commonwealth’s most endangered historic resources.  Pennsylvania At Risk 2013 features nine endangered properties that were identified in 2013, and will be Preservation Pennsylvania’s priorities for action in 2014.  The properties included in this annual list of endangered places represent important resource types and exemplify common or noteworthy issues faced by historic properties in Pennsylvania.  It is Preservation Pennsylvania’s experience that publishing this list draws statewide attention to the plight of Pennsylvania’s historic resources and promotes local action to protect them.  Continue reading

Pennsylvania At Risk: Twenty-Year Retrospective of Pennsylvania’s Endangered Historic Properties

Preservation Pennsylvania established the annual Pennsylvania At Risk list in 1992, making us the first statewide preservation organization in the United States to have an annual roster of endangered historic properties.  Since 1992, we have listed and worked to preserve more than 200 endangered historic resources, including individual buildings, historic districts and thematic resources statewide.   Continue reading

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