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Minersville Bridge


Metal truss bridge over water

Minersville Bridge carries 4th Avenue over the Conemaugh River in Cambria County. This 1914 rivet-connected Baltimore thru truss is a contributing resource in the Cambria City Historic District and was therefore not assessed for individual eligibility in the 2001 survey. In 2018, Baltimore trusses have become rare, and in the remaning population, this bridge is considered an early example. The bridge also exhibits an unusual feature; the deck of the bridge is constructed at a noticable incline inside the truss structure instead of running parallel to the chords. The Minersville Bridge received enough points to be determined individually eligible. Photo courtesy of PennDOT.


  1. I love truss bridges. I am in GT and my project is about truss bridges.

  2. Truss bridges are so interesting. There are so many types, so much that I lost count of all of them! I love pennsylvania truss bridges due to there design.

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