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Keystone Fund Call to Action


Preservation Friends and Partners,

As you may know, the Commonwealth’s budget for the next fiscal year remains unresolved, without a revenue plan in place to fund the next fiscal year and address a budget shortfall.

A number of options are being considered to shore up the budget gap including severance taxes and funds transfers.  One of the current revenue packages being discussed threatens the security of the Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund and grants that have been awarded from Keystone funds.

This means that Keystone funds for next year’s historic preservation grants, Pennsylvania’s historic sites and museums, and other critical projects would not be available but also that a grant that has not been 100% disbursed could be “taken back” by the legislature for the General Fund.

The PHMC uses its share of the Keystone Fund to provide public grants that identify and preserve historic and archaeological resources. It is the only financial incentive program PHMC has—and one of the few in Pennsylvania—to assist communities, institutions and non-profit groups preserve Pennsylvania’s heritage with project and bricks and mortar funds for historic properties and archaeological sites.

Please share PHMC’s message about the importance of keeping the Keystone Fund intact.

The Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund is a critical program for helping Pennsylvania’s communities. Here’s why:

  • In addition to PHMC, Keystone funding supports the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, the Department of Education, and the State System of Higher Education build trails, parks, playgrounds, libraries, and other community assets.
  • Since its inception in 1993, Keystone Historic Preservation grants have provided over $47.5 million in funding to 864 community projects preserving the Commonwealth’s diverse array of historic properties.
  • Keystone funds the maintenance of 450+ buildings, plus bridges, roads, HVAC systems and water treatment facilities at the state and nationally significant historic sites that PHMC administers on behalf of the commonwealth.
  • PHMC also uses the Keystone funds for special projects like building a new home for the state’s archives to properly house and protect the Commonwealth’s history.

Call, email, or share this information on social media with your network, your local legislators, and Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams), who is leading this effort, at before the House returns on September 11 (or sooner).

Need help finding your legislators? Use this website to find your legislative district.


Author: Multiple Authors

This post has been co-authored by several members of the PA SHPO Staff.

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