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  1. Shirley Whyte says:

    The Oxford Press reports on November 26,1896 under the heading of Special Local News for Lincoln “Hosanna A.U.M.E. has been torn down and a substantial brick building structure erected in it’s place which will be finished in about 2 weeks. I know that before the handicap ramp was added you could see the corner stone which has a double date. With much difficulty it can still be viewed. This is not the original building.

  2. Tarik A. Oduno says:

    Thank you for the information; though Free African Society has , had builders; later separated in 20th century as architect, and builders.
    The example of William Sydney Pittman of Tuskegee Institute, later, Penn Sate for graduate in Architecual Sciences.
    Fortunately, the African people are resilient , inspite of challenges.

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