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AECOM team member Raymond Dissinger collects detailed building elevation measurements for the former one-room Appenzell school house (circa 1840) in the area once known as “Jackson Corners” in Jackson Township, Monroe County.

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  1. John Link


    In 1951 and ’52 I lived in an old farmhouse outside Somerset PA owned by a man named Cleaves. The Ansel family had a farm about 1/4 miles away. I remember Jay, Lee and Fay Ansel.

    Behind the house, Cleaves grew wheat, corn, apples, and Christmas trees, and had bee hives to boot. The Ansels had pigs and some milk cows.

    A highway ran in front of us and —paralleling it down the hill on its far side— was a creek.

    I’m trying to find anything on-line locating the one-room schoolhouse about a mile from our home. I’m not sure of compass drection.

    I estimate the school was less than two miles away. It stood at an intersection with another road . Our teachers for the 1-12 classes were a Mr. Weimer and a Mr. Barkley.

    Nobody believes I attended such a school, which they assume relates to 19th century America. But I was there, and I’ve always felt I wound up being ahead of classmates later on by listening for two years to all the upper grades being taught.

    It may have been converted to a home, if it survives today.

    Anything you can offer in terms of articles or groups/people to help me find the school would be greatly appreciated.


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