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  1. Bonnie Jamieson says:

    Always amazes me to see Dad’s work …

    Bonnie Vannucci Jamieson

  2. Clem Tempesco says:

    …and the memories he brings back to me as a proud player at Original Little League in the mid 50’s.

  3. My Grand Father, Julio Cashera was a good friends of the Vanucci Family.I remember pictures of my family with VANUCCI NAME STAMPED ON THE BACK OF THE PICTURES..My Grand Father had a bar called JULIES CAFE ON PENN ST…MY AUNT LEONA BIXLER TOOK IT OVER UNTIL THE BELT WAY TOOK ALL THAT PROPERTY…
    My Father John Fedele would sing and play his acoordian at the original stadium on a regular basis…,I had pictures of all this,but lost them along with everything else in the flood of 2010 here in Nashville,Tn…. Never miss a World Series game on ABC…

    • Bonnie says:

      Check with Little League public relations. Dad sold his negatives to them and perhaps there are pix of your grandfather

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